Company / App Name: Software Proposal Portal Inc
Twitter – @SoftProposal

What does it do?

Swproposal is a user friendly web based software proposal portal to create elegant and attractive software project proposal for software projects in less time span .

Why do we need it?

Swproposal is designed with the purpose of automating the tedious routine business tasks by creating software project proposal attached with CRM features for tracking sales activities and Online Scheduler for time management.

Who is it for?

Swproposal is a web based user friendly application designed for freelancers , entrepreneurs and software development companies to ease the routine business tasks .

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The two distinctive features which make Software Proposal Portal unique are :
Primarily , CRM Features to automate sales activities and manage negotiation process .
Secondarily , Online Scheduler to manage your time and project work load.

What’s next?

We are trying to make the Software Proposal Portal much more robust as per the reviews of the people and their suggestions.

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