Company / App Name: RemeIO
Twitter – @reme_io

What does it do?

Reme is the fastest way you can create email reminders. It’s free and no signup or registration is required. Create your reminder in a human way using natural, human language.

Why do we need it?

You need RemeIO to take the tasks out of the way by scheduling them to be only seen when they need to be dealt with.

Who is it for?

RemeIO is for everyone who needs to stay focused an organized.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

RemeIO stands out of the crowd because that is free, requires no signup or registration, it has the optimized UX to allow you to create the reminders very fast, and bets of all, you can write the reminders using natural, human language.

What’s next?

In the weeks to come RemeIO will gain even more power to allow you to clear your agenda and focus on what’s important right now. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases.

Pitch Video