Company / App Name: Reachey
Twitter – @reachey_

What does it do?

We ease the college discovery process for students by enabling universities to reach out directly to students based on their achievements. Think Linkedin for high school students.

Why do we need it?

Today’s college discovery model is broken. It is a push model (students push apps to schools and the burden of search is on students). We propose a pull model (schools pick the students and the burden of search is on the schy

Who is it for?

For students: help unlock potential by matching with best colleges, save time, reduce stress, emphasize passion and interests, not just GPA
For colleges: save money, increase efficacy of outreach campaigns, help craft the perfect class.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

(1) Flip the model: colleges reach out to students, not the other way around
(2) Protect student privacy
(3) Laser-focused on student experience

What’s next?

Explosive growth, with your help and blunt feedback.

We are convinced that today’s model is broken and we want to enable the first series of college-student matches by Summer, 2014.

Pitch Video