Company / App Name: Quizzn
Twitter – quizzn_com

What does it do?

Create quizzes/tests and practice it in a number of ways (currently two, multi-choice and flashcards). All quizzes are public by default, everyone can contribute by adding explanation, comment, or even ‘requiz’ in new quiz.

Why do we need it?

The idea is to make learning social and fun. Social makes it easy to find, subscribe, and practice a quiz, open to everyone. Fun part is done by implementing different ways to study, multi-choice and flashcards. This is app’s two trends.

Who is it for?

Mainly for students of any age, studying any subject. Educational institutions, tutors, teachers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Social networks are popular nowadays, but very few are intended to help in study. Quizzn is still a young project, but it is a free educational tool that can make studying easier.

What’s next?

As mentioned, follow two trends: fun – create new ways to practice subjects; social – make it easy to connect and share knowledge.

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