Company / App Name: PLAYIR
Twitter – @playinrealtime

What does it do?

Working on cloud development technologies that allow for the creation of 3D apps and games across mobile and web platforms in real-time.
Create your own 3D games for hand held devices on all operating systems using drag n drop technology.

Why do we need it?

Real time updates slash development times of game making, as it completely eliminates the compiling processes. Bye bye compiling waiting times in order to fix bugs, hello real time update cloud technology….

Who is it for?

For the person with little or no programming skills. Use drag n drop tech to become an indie game maker.
Educational sector for those with learning disabilities.
In Game Advertising, advertise your product in a game you made with Playir

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

-Real time updates (pushing for this to be the standard in game dev)
-Cross platform play (can play same game using devices of different operating systems).
-Cross platform compatible (Systems compatible with all mobile operating systems)

What’s next?

We will be at promoting our product and currently looking for funding to catapult our cutting edge product forward for the world to see. We are everywhere, we keep our website updates with this info.

Pitch Video