Pitch for Pixsume

public —  December 4, 2013

Company / App Name: Pixsume

Twitter – pixsume

What does it do?

Pixsume is a faster way to create visual resume, compare your skills with similar profiles, understand what skills you are lacking and a road map to improve them.

Why do we need it?

- Use a visual resume when you are applying for a job, recruiters can scan the visual resume easily.

- Continuous Improvement :Compare your skills with others to see what you are lacking and how you can improve them.

Who is it for?

All Professionals whether experienced or not.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

- Pixsume is the only application which focuses on end to end resume management, it is sort of resumebook. Create, update, and improve your resume / Visual resume.
- Provides Standardized format for resume built with recruiters in mind.

What’s next?

We are continuously adding new functionality, The next thing is to build a marketplace where companies/Individuals can offer services (free/paid) to help individuals improve their skill sets.

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