Company / App Name: Nectar Chat App
Twitter – technoduce

What does it do?

Technoduce Nectar Chat app an instant messaging app, just like whats app You can now start your own chat app for your business.

Nectar chat the next business tool for your business.
Get in touch with your customers
saves time

Why do we need it?

Easy communication with customers
Central place to meet clients
Quick response
Group chat
Scheduled meetings
Easy sharing of photo/videos/audio
Build brand name
Can promote your products too
Above all quick response

Who is it for?

Nectar Chat app is meant for business people to earn more dollars !
And move their business to next level to get in touch with customers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Everything you can find in Nectar Chat !

Provides you complete source code
One time payment
Fully customizable
Supports all major platforms

What’s next?

We are planning to add up advanced features. To make customers benefitted.

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