Company / App Name: Muzikool
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What does it do?

Muzikool is an online music discovery service, is a plenty of fun to play with and we empower the user to design a playlist! Say goodbye to old and stale methods to create a playlist.

Why do we need it?

Focus of music streaming services is always on the recommendation algorithms but very little on changing the interface to interact.With Muzikool, you are empowered to design your own journey of discovery which is transparent & steerable!

Who is it for?

Muzikool is for music lovers & enthusiasts who wants to methodically discovery music. Context is becoming a highly anticipatory space demanding sharp details to discover. Muzikool offers anticipatory tools to seamlessly craft music playlist

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Muzikool is the first service of its kind revolutionizing the way people should consume the music where your empowered to design! Value features of Muzikool are patented.

What’s next?

Muzikool, a dutch start-up, is accepting invites only. Lots of new features and new visual maps are in the pipeline. Head over to and submit your email address to get an invite!

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