Company / App Name: MoviePals social filmmaking network
Twitter – moviepals

What does it do? is the social network for everyone who works or wants to work in movies! It’s free and has tools to help filmmakers network, find projects,showcase their talent, manage auditions and connect to the world of filmmaking.

Why do we need it?

Making movies requires connecting and working with a lot of different people (actors, crew, editors etc) and finding resources (props, equipment, locations). MoviePals has tools and system to make this process fast, fun and more productive.

Who is it for?

From actors to directors, to the lighting and sound crew, MoviePals’ free feature-rich website has tools to help filmmakers. It even has a role for movie fans, allowing them to join in the filmmkaing process.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Just one of the unique features that encourage meaningful social interactions is the MoviePals pitch system. A pitch is an invitation for someone to accept or request more info about an idea, plan, thought or comment.

What’s next?

MoviePals is also developing a movie production studio with the goal of creating original films using talent and resources directly from We will also continue improving our website and holding in-person events

Pitch Video