Company / App Name: Minibar Delivery
Twitter – Minibardelivery

What does it do?

Minibar offers on-demand delivery of wine and spirits in New York City, all from the comfort of your iPhone. We have a great selection and offer fast and free delivery, usually in under an hour!

Why do we need it?

The liquor store experience is broken – they are unpleasant and the staff are not always experts. We want to fix that by offering a curated and consistent shopping experience. Plus, who wants to walk to a store and carry heavy bottles home?

Who is it for?

Anyone (over the age of 21) – maybe you are having a party, maybe you just need some wine to go with dinner. The convenience of this service has wide appeal.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

A focus on the user experience – we make it easy to browse products and learn about them so that you can make the best purchasing experience. Think of us as a knowledgeable bartender and not a liquor store clerk behind bulletproof glass!

What’s next?

Expanding to other cities, more products, more tools to facilitate exploration and discovery. Other platforms such as Android.

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