Company / App Name: Inklyo
Twitter – @Inklyo

What does it do?

Inklyo makes it easy and affordable for brands, consultants, and marketing agencies to produce professional, sharable content.

Why do we need it?

At, we help you turn your ideas into inspired content, so that you can attract, engage, and retain more customers and increase your sales.

Who is it for?

Brands, consultants, marketing agencies, business owners, business developers, web site developers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Quality content, the kind that creates value, attracts attention, and builds a loyal following, the kind that catapults your company into the spotlight, is created by professional journalists, experienced copywriters, and seasoned bloggers.

What’s next?

We are officially launching the web site with an estimate of February 2014. We are hoping to expand our number of writers, and develop our services as we cator to our customers.

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