Company / App Name: HurricaneViz

What does it do?

Its a self serving custom analytics platform which allows you to process and visualize your data without the pain of handling infrastructure or learning technologies.

Why do we need it?

Because standard solutions are not enough to process your events. On top of that you want control on your data and ability to do custom processing

Who is it for?

– Companies that
– Dont want the headache of managing infrastructure
– Dont have the resources to build it
– Cant find a service for your specific needs
– but want
– control over their data
– cost effective

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Multiple language SDKs
– Makes it easier for non-tech folks to analyse data with intuitive user interface.
– As you go pricing model.
– Zero infrastructure setup
– Start getting analytics within seconds of singup and sending events

What’s next?

– Custom data-processing pipelines
– More visualizations
– Alerts
– Predictions
– SDKs for multiple languages

Pitch Video