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What does it do? is a project management tool that puts the focus on ideas, instead of discussions or tasks. With germ, you can log ideas the moment you get them, build details organically, share your train of thought, delegate & get things done.

Why do we need it?

You have a million ideas every day. But without the ability to put them down and build on them, most sparks die before they get a chance. You need because you dont wake up in the morning hoping to rake a pile of tasks

Who is it for? is great for startups, entrepreneurs, product managers and marketers to stage their ideas, build them out and share with the team. We also have students use for their class projects and work.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Traditional project tools end up putting the focus on discussions, tasks and centralized file management. is centered on ideas and letting them evolve from the Abstract to the Detailed naturally.

What’s next?

Right now is in a pre-beta, pre-alpha stage. That means you get to play with as we are building it and fixing some nuts and bolts. Next, you will be able to tag ideas, make them public, and collaborate with just about anyone

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