Pitch for Friend Notes

public —  December 16, 2013

Company / App Name: Friend Notes

Twitter – FriendNotesApp

What does it do?

Friend Notes helps you remember important details about people. You add contacts and notes, then review your notes whenever you need to jog your memory.

Why do we need it?

It can be difficult to remember everything about your contacts. By keeping notes, we can strengthen our relationships and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting important information.

Who is it for?

Friend Notes is for anyone who values their relationships. It is especially useful for those who must take appointments, have a lot of contacts, and or see their contacts infrequently.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike other CRM tools, Friend Notes doesn\’t focus on sales, nor does it have a lot of complicated features. Friend Notes is simple, easy to use, and appeals to a large audience.

What’s next?

We are listening to user feedback to see what features our users want. Already we\’re getting requests for a mobile app version. Paid accounts are coming up as well. Overall we intend to keep Friend Notes simple, fast, and focused.

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