Company / App Name: FeedoData Twitter – FeedoData

What does it do?

FeedoData is the business social network for data analysis. It decreases reaction time to data changes and increases user engagement by posting important report updates and analytical activities to personal timelines.

Why do we need it?

Business Intelligence users are currently flooded by hundreds of static reports. They need tool which filters the content, tracks their analytics behaviour and feeds them only with the relevant data and activities updates.

Who is it for?

FeedoData is for SMBs and departments of larger companies focused on sales, marketing or operations.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

FeedoData deploys Twitter-like report following and Facebook-style EdgeRank counting between reports and users. It ensures that users are always updated only with the most important and relevant changes.

What’s next?

We have currently released FeedoFata Beta and stared building the sales and partners network.

Pitch Video