Company / App Name: Crate Technology
Twitter – Crate Data

What does it do?

Crate Data is an open source massively scalable data store. It requires zero administration and is a shared-nothing, fully searchable, document-oriented cluster data store.

Why do we need it?

Big data backends today are the opposite of simple or democratized. They require expensive skill sets and careful tuning. Today, instead of using Crate, developers are forced to glue together several open source solutions.

Who is it for?

Using Crate Data anyone can set up a powerful backend for tabular data, unstructured records and binary objects (Blobs). High availability and real time massively parallel access enable sub second responses on billions of records.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Crate has made its open source software publicly available on April 24 2014. Crate was the winner of the Gigaom Structure Award as best startup. #1 on hackernews for almost 24hours. #1 trending java repository on Github.

What’s next?

By democratising big data, Crate puts the power into the hand of the developer and disrupts the way backends are built today. Big data isn’t enough: it has to be accessible in real time.

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