Company / App Name: Comidor
Twitter – comidorCloud

What does it do?

Comidor is a business software, offering plenty integrated solutions that help enterprises to run more efficiently. Comidor offers enterprise collaboration, Project Management, Customer relationship management and business intelligence

Why do we need it?

Comidor is an online cloud application which offers all the tools in order to manage effectively your company. It provide tools for collaboration and covers the need for fast and effective communication, management and analysis.

Who is it for?

Comidor’s modules provide a broad spectrum of functionalities that are useful for any type of companies and organizations like retail, engineering and energy companies, communication and technology and much more!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Comidor is an international business solution, extendable and flexible and able to cover any organizational need! With one cloud application any company can have the full control of the company.

What’s next?

Comidor is a cloud software that is evolving all the time! Right now we implement advanced business analytics to make the managers job much easier.

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