Company / App Name: Codo Player
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What does it do?

Codo Player is an excellent media player for web. Perfect for self-hosted videos on websites. It makes the web designer’s life easier by having an online GUI tool for customising the player without spending hours configuring it manually.

Why do we need it?

it presents a common API between HTML5 and FLASH and YOUTUBE platforms and fully customisable, perfectly shaped visual interface.

Easy to setup, highly configurable, cross browser and plays on desktop or mobile.

Who is it for?

Web developers in need of displaying a video in a webpage, but not wanting to spend ages on creating their own version of video player.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our product stands for quality amongst the competitors, we wanted to make it better more solid than other existing versions or player.

What’s next?

Grow the user base to at least a few hundred visitors per day.

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