Company / App Name: BigBoard
Twitter – @HeyBigBoard

What does it do?

BigBoard distills the data from the tools you use everyday into smart dashboards. With curated views into what is going on, your whole team can stay up-to-date. We also have an API so you can tie up your own internal tools.

Why do we need it?

Teams using BigBoard can stay on the same page without actually adding content directly to BigBoard or needing to consult each others calendars. An activity record is taken from tools team members use, and logged into BigBoard via an API.

Who is it for?

BigBoard is ideally used by small teams ranging from 1 – 12. Typical customers are teams running projects on our support services. Distributed or remote teams can really benefit from our centralized activity stream and team view.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The data inside BigBoard is highly curated. We pick the data points that best help teams understand what each other is doing. It does not track vanity metrics like how many emails Joe sent, or at what time of day Jane is most efficient.

What’s next?

Integrating more services. Constant improvement.

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