Company / App Name: Bidee
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What does it do?

We wish to turn the process of researching contractors and shopping for automobiles a lot easier for everyone. We’ve created a place where you can list items, jobs, or automobiles they are looking for and have vendor bid for you business

Why do we need it?

Get vendors to start price war for your business so you can get the best deal and items out there. Vendors in turn will get a place to search for an acquire new business. No more he said  she said when haggling, its all out there

Who is it for?

Its for people looking to find contractors or cars as well as people with skills and inventory they are looking to sell as well as vendors looking to get some good sales leads to pursue.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Bidee turns the world of Ebay and Craiglist around and creates a buyer network rather then a sellers. By publicly posting items and bids, it lets everyone see what people are willing to offer with out any commitment or strings on the offer.

What’s next?

We wish to get a good user base of listers and vendors. The more we have of both, the better it is for all sides, with users getting a good amount of vendors to choose from and vendors getting a good amount of sales leads.

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