Company / App Name: Adlet
Twitter – @adletco

What does it do?

Adlet is an online advertising platform for bloggers and small businesses. We’re not an ad network; advertisers decide where they want their ads to be displayed, and bloggers can chose to reject ads that don’t fit in with their ethos.

Why do we need it?

We make it easy to accept ads, as all you need to do is install some code on your site and when an ad has been purchased, you click on the ‘approve’ button—it starts to display immediately and then is taken down after the run time

Who is it for?

Our target market is independent bloggers and small businesses, but there is no reason it can’t be used by anyone who wants to sell advertising space on their site and find great new places to advertise.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Simplicity of use. We also don’t just focus on the publisher, the advertiser is just as important which is why the Marketplace is such a crucial part of the business model to enable them to find new, relevant audiences to get in front of

What’s next?

We’ve just launched our beta and have had a fantastic response. Getting feedback from our users is important so that we can build in the features and functionality they want, not what we think they want. We can now start to implement th

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