Pitch for Zoneclassfieds


Company / App Name: Zoneclassfieds

Twitter – https://twitter.com/zoneclassified1

What does it do?

Zoneclassifieds is one of the world’s leading online buy and sell marketplace – classified ads platform. Ours is all about advertising your products and businesses in a modern e-commerce style to reach the right audience.

Why do we need it?

One needs this App to independently post-free ads while it enables to connect while buyers and sellers online.

Who is it for?

The App is many for individuals and business/company owners. The person who wants to buy his/her individual goods/items, products, or services, who wants to sell commercial properties to buying your dream home.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

This App stands out among others because it is free. Offers promo credit after sign-up to promote advert and could assist to be the third person between buyer and seller to assure safe and secure transaction if proposed by both parties.

What’s next?

We are working and doing our best to upgrade to meet the standard of the latest marketplace, unlike other traditional classifieds ads sites, and making our brand more easily user-friendly. Also, our marketplace could be used as an e-comm.

Link to Company / App Demo video