Pitch for Zartis


Company / App Name: Zartis


What does it do?

We are a digital services provider with a talented team of 200+ professionals. We provide full, multi-functional dedicated software development teams to clients across the US and Europe.

Why do we need it?

Get deep, industry-specific expertise on your team. Zartis ranks among top technology consulting companies providing outstanding expertise and experience across UX, Frontend, Backend Development, DevOps, Data Science & Mobile Development.

Who is it for?

For tech companies that are looking to tap into larger talent pools and scale their software team remotely through outsourcing services.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Security is a top priority for us. We’re ISO 27001 certified.
We have ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Ireland for two years in a row now.
We used to specialize in recruitment for tech companies, so hiring the best is what we do.

What’s next?

Within the 4 years that we have transformed our business from recruitment to software outsourcing, we have gained 40+ customers and 200+ team members. We continue to grow our expertise in all sectors and offer industry-specific consulting.