Pitch for Yuzu API

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Company / App Name: Yuzu API


Twitter – https://twitter.com/YuzuAPI

What does it do?

Yuzu is market data API for rapid development with stock and crypto prices, company fundamentals, ETF details, forex and more.
Yuzu offers GraphQL and streaming APIs, low-code UI components, and managed infrastructure.

Why do we need it?

The rigid structure of traditional market data APIs requires a lot of up-front work to build up a sufficient dataset before any of the real work can begin. Developers spend a lot of time on data engineering.

Who is it for?

Developers and traders

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the first GraphQL API for this type of data
It is free to use

What’s next?

Yuzu will support more financial data sets

Link to Company / App Demo video