Pitch for YUFixit


Company / App Name: YUFixit

Twitter – YUFixit Apps LLC

What does it do?

YUFixit was founded by David Santiago to provide businesses and families in need of repair service with the best possible experience by empowering them to hire a reliable technician in just seconds. In a related development, the company rec

Why do we need it?

The global repair service industry has grown over the years to become a multi-billion-dollar market. Despite the steady growth of the industry, driven by increasing demand from consumers, customers do not get the best repair experiences.

Who is it for?

YUFixit Pro helps users to locate technicians within a 5-mile radius, using social networking system to save customers the stress of searching for technicians out of their service area or the long wait for warranty companies to send help.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

As a double-edged sword, the app provides leads for technicians using the revolutionary “no Fee” quote-based system. Consequently, technicians do not have to pay to send quotes to customers, a concept that will help to drive down the cost.

What’s next?

The solution will also help to create lasting and rewarding relationships, and strengthen the bond in the community.

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