Pitch for Xooa


Company / App Name: Xooa

Twitter – @XooaUSA

What does it do?

Xooa is a low code development platform for blockchain apps. Our platform reduces the barriers to blockchain adoption by abstracting its complexities with low code tools, automation & more to make blockchain app development easy & fast.

Why do we need it?

There is too much focus on technology & blockchain at the expense of outcomes, so most avoid the hassle. Xooa lowers the cost of adding blockchain features, allowing more blockchain projects to be developed with the same amount of effort.

Who is it for?

Xooa is for any organization with employees that want to experiment with & build a blockchain use case without needing expertise or initial budget for a POC. Seeing a POC in action makes it much more viable & likely to reach production.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the easiest low code blockchain platform to use. Open an account & deploy a blockchain app on our serverless network in seconds with prebuilt solution templates & cloud integrations. What used to take months/years now takes days/weeks.

What’s next?

We’re building deeper partnerships with each of the major cloud providers. Xooa is a complimentary service to each & can be deployed on their blockchain services. We’re also always adding to our prebuilt use case library based on demand.

Link to Company / App Demo video