Pitch for WriteMore

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Company / App Name: WriteMore


Twitter – writemoreio

What does it do?

WriteMore is an easy-to-use platform which lets you set daily writing goals, schedule text or email notifications to write, track your writing progress with analytics, and share your work with friends or writing groups.

Why do we need it?

WriteMore is an easy to use platform for anyone to build a daily writing habit, which has been reported to have many health benefits. Not only that, but WriteMore removes the need for Facebook-hosted writing groups.

Who is it for?

WriteMore is for just about anyone interested in writing; authors, freelance writers, journalers, and more! We are especially useful for anyone who enjoys being a part of writing groups.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We stand out from the competition with our constant improvements, clean UI, pricing, and devoted team working daily to offer a better product. Our development is feedback driven, and when we say a feature will come soon – it comes FAST.

What’s next?

For the time being, we are fully focused on developing the product to be exactly what our users want and need. Once we reach an adequate community size, we plan to charge a monthly subscription fee so we can hire and grow.

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