Pitch for Wisepath


Company / App Name: Wisepath


Twitter – wisepathio

What does it do?

Simple work and communication tool for teams, that combines most used tools on companies like chat, milestones, documents, and file storage to manage projects in one place avoiding using multiple apps and reduce burnout

Why do we need it?

Cause using multiple apps for work can drive to an excess of stress, derived from the context switch and disorganization on companies. Wisepath helps to manage all in one Workspace.

Who is it for?

For teams that need clear visibility of what’s happening in projects, manage multiple projects (Workspaces) and need to have the information at hand every time.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The simple and minimal interface combined with a smooth integration with a fast performance

What’s next?

AI metrics for managers to understand how the teams are improving month over month

Link to Company / App Demo video