Pitch for Where Is My Rail

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Company / App Name: Where Is My Rail


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What does it do?

Where is my rail app provides live train location, train ticket pnr check, train search ,train seat availability data to the users in a easy interface.

Why do we need it?

You need where is my rail app for tracking the train’s live location during your journey, for checking train ticket PNR number so that you can check your reservation status, find trains between two stations.

Who is it for?

Where is my rail app is for those who travel in trains and need to know trains live status, pnr status, seat checking in train . Anyone with an android device can use this app easily.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Where Is my rail app is different from the crowd because of the simple user interface and fast service of app and it is totally free app.

What’s next?

In future ,we will add some more functionality like offline train location check with gps, location check without internet, trains search offline etc