Pitch for wellyou


Company / App Name: wellyou

Twitter – https://twitter.com/wellyou_app?lang=en

What does it do?

wellyou is a holistic program to boost people’s wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, social) with science-based methods (currently an iOS app). Because it’s hard to work on ourselves, we turned it into a fun real-life adventure game.

Why do we need it?

After a rough year due to covid-19, wellbeing has become more important than ever before. Many people are realizing that now is the time to take real action for their wellbeing. That’s where wellyou comes in.

Who is it for?

wellyou is for anyone that wants to work on their happiness and wellbeing. wellyou helps users to become the heroes in their own lives.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Work on all levels of wellbeing – physical, mental, social – with science-based methods
Put theory in practice – real actionable steps towards wellbeing
It’s a fun game where the rules are on the app but you play in real life.

What’s next?

Our Kickstarter campaign has been launched: (<a href=”https://bit.ly/3efk9ye” rel=”nofollow”>https://bit.ly/3efk9ye</a>). We hope to be able to launch and maintain our already-developed iOS app this summer and make it more available for eve

Link to Company / App Demo video