Pitch for Webieu

Company / App Name: Webieu

Twitter – webieu

What does it do?

Webieu makes searching and comparing web hosting plans very easy. It can search for web hosting plans based on specific requirements such as price, RAM, storage, etc.

Why do we need it?

Sorting through thousands of hosting plans from hundreds of hosting providers is a time consuming task. Webieu helps reduce the time and effort required to sort through them and only shows plans that match specific requirements.

Who is it for?

Teams developing a website or a web application and small businesses looking for hosting their websites can use Webieu to find the hosting plans that meet their needs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most of the web host comparison sites do not objectively compare the hosting providers and plans, but review and rate most of them highly. Webieu, on the other hand, finds the plans and hosts based on hard facts.

What’s next?

Currently Webieu supports search of Linux based VPS plans. Dedicated server plans and cloud services will be added next along with more hosting providers. The search options will be more refined as well.

Pitch Video