Pitch for WebBookingPro

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Company / App Name: WebBookingPro


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What does it do?

A Cloud solution, all-in-one product for hotels and Vacant rentals having integrated Channel Manager, Google certified Booking Engine, Revenue Manager with automated prices optimization based on deep analytics. Unique booking engine feature

Why do we need it?

Can boost revenue in hotels, and vacant rentals, can give hotels brand awareness booking engine (fully integrated in hotel website’s domain) – currently only few booking engines can do this. Automate processes, save time, get more money

Who is it for?

hotels, vacant rentals, houses for rent, hostels

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

booking engine that integrates with full brand awareness into any web site – because it is developed by latest technologies. e.g. in wordpress integration is within minutes. integrated revenue manager – not many channel managers have this

What’s next?

I am IT engineer with 27 years of experience in Development , and hotel owner for 15 years buI am not good in sales and I am looking for a partner/vendor that will boost my sales. I am interested in different kind of partnerships.