Pitch for Vibemap

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Company / App Name: Vibemap


Twitter – vibemap

What does it do?

Vibemap is a city discovery app that connects you with meaningful places, experiences, and people that match your vibe.

Why do we need it?

We believe that in-person, social relationships are crucial to our well-being. We constantly navigate this changing energy or what we call personal “vibes.” Our mission is to help bring people together in new ways and experience the magic o

Who is it for?

City curious and people who want to have fun while making a positive social impact.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Powered by civic data and tools, Vibemap connects you with where you want to be based on your vibe. We pull in event tickets, tours, reservations and city passes from apps including Ticketmaster, Get Your Guide, Goldstar, etc.

What’s next?

And coming soon:
• Austin & Houston, Texas
• Chicago, Illinois
• Mexico City & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
• New York, New York