Pitch for VEVS

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Company / App Name: VEVS


What does it do?

VEVS website builder is designed primarily for business clients having no or rather outdated websites. The idea is to enable customers to run and manage their online business easy and efficiently.

Why do we need it?

All VEVS websites have responsive and modern design available in 10 different color themes so they can match each client’s branding. What’s more – website owners can change each page’s layout. Upon request we deliver custom-made designs.

Who is it for?

Car Rental Websites
Car Dealer Websites
Vacation Rental Websites
Job Portal Websites
Yacht & Boat Websites
Real Estate Websites
Holiday Property Websites

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The ready-made website design, the intuitive content management system and the full scope of web services we offer allow our clients to launch their new websites in less than 48 hours.

What’s next?

Each month we replenish our website collection with two new business solutions.

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