Pitch for UXtweak


Company / App Name: UXtweak

Twitter – https://twitter.com/uxtweak

What does it do?

UXtweak is a User Experience Research Platform offering powerful research tools for improving the usability of web sites and apps, from prototypes to production.

Why do we need it?

To find and fix any usability problems that users face.
Detect indicators of usability issues that lead to low conversions.
To make your site attractive to customers based on their behavior.
Collect feedback from end-users effectively.

Who is it for?

UX researchers, UX designers, Web designers, Digital Marketers, Product Managers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

UXtweak is a first of its kind UX research platform that helps you understand user behavior in the span of a website’s entire development lifecycle thanks to multiple tools. Until now, you needed a number of separate tools for all of this.

What’s next?

A major redesign of the user interface, implementation of advanced filters – whole roadmap here: <a href=”<a href=”https://trello.com/b/q4BF0cUs&quot” rel=”nofollow”>https://trello.com/b/q4BF0cUs&quot</a>; rel=”nofollow”><a href=”https://tr

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