Pitch for TypeSkip


Company / App Name: TypeSkip

Twitter – @TypeSkip

What does it do?

TypeSkip turns keywords into Facebook ads, Product Descriptions, Blog posts and more using AI.

Why do we need it?

Creating content yourself takes a lot of time, which takes your focus away from things that move the needle in your business, and outsourcing copy for hundreds of products and ad copy variations can cost you 1000s of dollars a month.

Who is it for?

TypeSkip is for Dropshippers, eCommerce Entrepreneurs, Blog Writers, Content Writers, Digital Marketing Agencies, or anyone that needs help outsourcing their content to AI.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

TypeSkip uses Artificial Intelligence (GPT-3, along with other enhancements) to mimic the highest converting copywriting models and generate quality copy for you to use, in seconds.

What’s next?

We’re adding new tools to TypeSkip every week to meet the different use cases.