Pitch for Typefonts

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Company / App Name: Typefonts

Twitter – @typefonts

What does it do?

Designers are tasked with a constant search for typefaces. Typefonts.org is a marketplace with a difference. We highlight only the most beautiful fonts for you from a host of sources meaning you get the best typographic designs.

Why do we need it?

Typefonts allows designers to spend less time searching for the right font and more time doing what they are supposed to…designing.

Who is it for?

Designers of all types (no pun intended). Web, print, typographers and even more niche users like textile designers will all benefit from beautiful font design discovery.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Typefonts allows designers to search using descriptive words to find the right fonts for their current project. As we only stock critically reviewed typefaces, our results are much more targeted towards the query’s intent.

What’s next?

Typefonts’ 5 year plan is to become a major player in the typographic space and to be a valuable resource within the design community.

Pitch Video