Pitch for Twif

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Company / App Name: Twif

Twitter – @TwifApp

What does it do?

Twif app helps one to analyse the cognitive biases behind 25+ common fears (such as fear of asking for help, fear of change,..), offers 50+ curated strategies to overcome them and provides streaks & statistics to track the progress.

Why do we need it?

Fear is essential, but when it becomes unreasonably excessive or persistent it clouds our decision making, interferes with our daily functioning and affects our overall well being. Twif app helps us to keep a tab on our irrational fears.

Who is it for?

Twif app is intended for anyone who wants to work on their fears, unlock their potential, realise their dreams and lead a fulfilled life.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

‘Twif’ is designed based on the principle of habituation where one is encouraged to face fears gradually & progressively. It generates statistics with insights to help identify the cognitive biases behind fears & balance the life aspects.

What’s next?

App is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is coming soon for Apple Watch.

Link to Company / App Demo video