Pitch for Tripvocat


Company / App Name: Tripvocat


What does it do?

Tripvocat is an all in one traveling apps, it provide services for flight ticket, hotel booking, trip package, and traveling information. Currently it on early stage, in future tripvocat will provide more services for holiday.

Why do we need it?

Holiday sometimes become complicated, we need to think about the transportation, accommodation, and itinerary. Therefore we made an apps that make holiday easier, it will help you to arrange your holiday plan efficiently.

Who is it for?

All of the people who love travel and holiday.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Nowadays holiday become one of necessary needs of human, and there is still few apps that provide you an all in one traveling needs. In future, tripvocat will also help local (guide or photographer) to earn money for sell their services.

What’s next?

In future, tripvocat will provide more services for traveling, such as auto generated itinerary, private guide, private photographer, attractions, ticket sales, travel community, and culinary.