Pitch for Trevi


Company / App Name: Trevi


What does it do?

Trevi is the search engine for your cloud, making searching for stuff in your cloud apps as easy as searching the web. Just sign up, connect your favorite cloud apps, and start searching them all from one place.

Why do we need it?

•Saves time: search your cloud from one place
• Reduces frustration: find content added by your team in shared workspaces
• Provides context: see all relevant results related to a project
• Makes your cloud manageable

Who is it for?

• Anyone who has content in the cloud and wants to make it searchable from one place
• Great for individuals and teams (searches shared workspaces in the cloud, like Dropbox)
• Designed for SMEs but suitable for larger enterprises, too

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

• 100% SaaS and cloud-based
• No integration required (your IT admins are busy enough)
• Start searching in minutes, not days or months
• Google-like interface that’s familiar and accurate

What’s next?

• Soft launch and initial marketing campaign
• Assessing different verticals for targeted product/market fit
• In discussions with various design partners for pilot launches