Pitch for Traqrcode.com

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Company / App Name: Traqrcode.com


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What does it do?

Create QR codes for everyday tasks such as “Refill coffee machine”.
Assign one or email addresses to the QR code.
Scan the code to send a notification.
See the progress life.

Why do we need it?

Create zero effort async service requests. No more time-consuming phone calls and email requests for “small” tasks.

Who is it for?

Hotels, offices, companies who wish to make their workforce more efficient.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No app installation or account necessary for the end user.
Bring your own device.
Create printable PDFs in the browser.
Open Source Community edition.

What’s next?

On positive MVP:
– General requests with free text entry.
– As a user, enter email address to get status updates.
– Better management analytics: Time to resolution, SLAs.

Link to Company / App Demo video