Pitch for Traact


Company / App Name: Traact


Twitter – Fresh Byte GmbH

What does it do?

You can use Traact to monitor areas, as a spy or security camera and to create time-lapse videos.

Why do we need it?

Stay connected to what’s important with our video surveillance app.

Curious? Set up your personal spy camera app with anonymity.

Safeguard your precious possessions with a personal security app.

Get curious and creative wi

Who is it for?

People who are concerned about their safety or want to protect their home and belongings. Curious people and people who want to create time-lapse videos. People with pets.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Image & Video Recordings
3 Sensors
up to 8 webcams
fastest setup ever
PWA – Progressive Web App
Live video stream
Create time lapse videos
Low costs
Web push notifications
Auto deletion policies
Cloud portal with customizable port

What’s next?

<a href=”https://traact.app/landing/en/monitoring-areas” rel=”nofollow”>https://traact.app/landing/en/monitoring-areas</a>
<a href=”https://traact.app/landing/en/spy-camera” rel=”nofollow”>https://traact.app/landing/en/spy-camera</a>
<a h

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