Pitch for TIMEFLIP2


Company / App Name: TIMEFLIP2


Twitter – https://twitter.com/gettimeflip

What does it do?

TIMEFLIP2 is a human-friendly, physical time tracker. It is designed to help individuals track their time and workload in the most effortless and playful manner

Why do we need it?

Time is our most valuable resource. The Future of Work is built on quantification of time expenditures.
Our goal is to create a human-friendly, educating IoT tool for balanced and productive work.

Who is it for?

Everyone from knowledge industries who needs to account time for business or personal reasons. Freelancers and self-employed, any professional that earns on per hour basis (i.e. software developer, consultant, lawyer, etc).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

UI&UX of a physical, interactive device is radically different from what software tools provide. TIMEFLIP requires minimal adaptation, is extremely easy to use (just flip the device) and works as a visual prompt on your work desk

What’s next?

We plan to become an educating solution, rather than just timesheet-analytics solution

Link to Company / App Demo video