Pitch for The Common Tongue Zine


Company / App Name: The Common Tongue Zine

Twitter – commontonguemag

What does it do?

A dark fantasy¬†magazine that publishes stories from the writer’s community in a quarterly anthology-type digital publication. They build writers up, pay them for their work, and get their work exposed to new audiences.

Why do we need it?

Writers need support in this age where work is competitive. Our dark tales give readers courage to battle the darkness, and our writers hope for a chance to show their passion for storytelling and dark fantasy.

Who is it for?

The zine is for anyone that has an attraction to the dark unknown, and the misunderstood. Anyone that looks at life under the surface and wants adventure. It’s for any writer that struggles to be heard so that they may reach new heights.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We do not consider our work anything less than or more than any other fictional work, but we are extremely proud that these works are unlike any others because we, as a community of creators, have collaborated together to form them.

What’s next?

We hope to release 4 issues/year, comic editions, podcasts, interviews, & dark fantasy news. We also hope to raise our pro-rate from $0.03/word to $0.06. Garnering more interest would mean more yearly articles and more featured creators too

Link to Company / App Demo video