Pitch for TextSniper


Company / App Name: TextSniper

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TextSniperApp

What does it do?

TextSniper is simple and easy to use text recognition tool for your Mac. It extracts any text within selected portion on your screen and turns it into editable text. Easily recognize text from graphics, digital documents and videos. You can

Why do we need it?

Have you ever found yourself retyping text that’s uncopyable or non-selectable? TextSniper helps to solve this problem and increase your productivity.

Who is it for?

Students, Educators, Customer support staff, journalists, IT administrators.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s ease of use. There are many other OCR tools for Mac. But TextSniper takes absolutely different approach for text recognition. You do not have to upload or load files into software or think about file types.

What’s next?

Bring more recognition languages support. Make app recognize not only text but also keep formatting. Build TextSniper for mobile platforms.

Link to Company / App Demo video