Pitch for Tertle

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Company / App Name: Tertle


Twitter – tertleio

What does it do?

Tertle makes it easy for aspiring co-founders to discover and meet one another through our co-founder matching platform.

Why do we need it?

Find the right co-founder is hard work. Making a startup as a soloepreneur is even harder. Tertle minimises the time and effort it takes to find the yin to your yang through automated weekly introductions.

Who is it for?

Founders, Co-founders, Indiehackers, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Tech Professionals

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Thorough co-founder vetting, we value quality over quantity
– Real conversations, not dead-end messaging
– An algorithm that works and improves over time
– Layered/simple match profiles – make fast informed decisions

What’s next?

– Automated meeting scheduler
– Feedback for feedback meetings
– Investor meetings
– Hiring and getting hired with early stage startups

Link to Company / App Demo video