Pitch for TerraClaim

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Company / App Name: TerraClaim


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What does it do?

The most complete Insurance Claims Management Software!

Why do we need it?

Save time and money by speeding up claim-related operations with our automated Claims Handling Software.

Who is it for?

An all-in-one Claim Management, Benchmarking and Vendor Connect software solution that streamlines Insurance operations with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning built specifically for Agents, Brokers, Third Party Administrators, and

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Effectively administrate your Claims Lifecycle and present value to your clients by reducing operational costs. Start improving your performance today!

What’s next?

Whether you want to benchmark claims against industry peers, streamline your claims management process, improve claim outcomes or reduce claim costs, TerraClaim has a solution to help you increase the efficiency of claims operations.

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