Pitch for Terkel


Company / App Name: Terkel

Twitter – twitter.com/GetTerkel

What does it do?

Terkel is a knowledge platform that creates community-driven content featuring expert insights. Answer questions, and get insights published on the websites who partner with Terkel (including brands like Keap, GoDaddy, SCORE and more).

Why do we need it?

Building credibility online is hard. Brands have content gaps. Search engines have a backlog of non-existent digital media from an estimated 150 million “new” search queries they field each day. Community-driven content solves those issues.

Who is it for?

Terkel helps micro and small businesses establish authority and build momentum online. At the same time, Terkel is also for publishers who want to fill content gaps by relying on community insights.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Publishers want unique community insights. Panelists want unique press opportunities. Terkel delivers on both promises by onboarding new partners and welcoming new community members with unique insights.

What’s next?

15% of search queries that Google sees each day are “new.” Because they’re new, returning relevant search results to satisfy search intent is hard. What’s next is scaling a platform that can create quality content to reduce digital backlog.

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