Pitch for Synoption Pte. Ltd

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Company / App Name: Synoption Pte. Ltd


Twitter – https://twitter.com/SynoptionTech

What does it do?

Our dynamic Crypto Options Analytics and OTC Trading Platform allows OTC and Exchange based formats, providing liquidity across exchanges, product suites, and alt-coin

Why do we need it?

Unlike existing solution, it gives customer an end-to-end solutions from idea generation to smart execution of their digital asset options for a hassle-free trading experience with smart UI.

Who is it for?

The Synchro is designed for

Institutional Broker
Investment Firms
Financial Institutes
Crypto Firms

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s a one stop solution for all traders. Our platform provides
1. Multi Leg Strategies
2. Delta Cost Savings
3. Institutional Liquidity
4. RFQ Based Workflows
5. Multiple Clearing Venues

What’s next?

Our product is already accepted by lot of financial institutions in Singapore. We are now making it a global product in coming years.

Link to Company / App Demo video