Pitch for Surges


Company / App Name: Surges

Twitter – @surgesreviews

What does it do?

There’s a tool to replace every manual marketing task. Surges is on a mission to find the very best ones for your business with 100% honest marketing tool reviews.

Why do we need it?

Marketers love to romantise their craft. However, truth is you can build high-converting websites, rank higher, automate your onboarding, acquire more leads, build links, grow your email list and retain customers quicker with SaaS tools.

Who is it for?

Fellow marketers and entrepreneurs. Those trying to do more with less and punch above their weight.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Consider Surges an antidote to fake reviews and dodgy endorsements, which are rife across the web. I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t pay to use with my own money.

What’s next?

Surges’ Meet the Maker interviews are my way of cheering on the underdog and sharing their story. I’d love to feature more minority makers.